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Details Darwins-Finches-Readings-in-the-Evolution-of-a-Scientific-Paradigm

Darwin's Finches Two species come to mind when one thinks of the Galapagos Islands - the giant tortoises and Darwin's fabled finches. This title collects the illuminating and scientifically significant writings on the finches of the Galapagos to teach ...

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Details The-Development-of-Darwins-Theory-Natural-History-Natural-Theology-and-Natural-Selection-18381859

The Development of Darwin's Theory In this highly acclaimed book, Ospovat shows that Darwin's views changed radically from his first formulation of evolution to the publication of the full theory in 1859. Full description

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Details Darwins-Plots-Evolutionary-Narrative-in-Darwin-George-Eliot-and-Nineteenth-Century-Fiction

Gillian Beer's classic Darwin's Plots, one of the most influential works of literary criticism and cultural history of the last quarter century, is here reissued in an updated edition to coincide with the anniversary of Darwin's birth and of the ...

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Details The-Voyage-of-the-Beagle-Charles-Darwins-Journal-of-Researches-Penguin-Classics

By Darwin, Charles ( Author ) [ The Voyage of the Beagle: Charles Darwin's Journal of Researches By Nov-1989 Paperback

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Details Darwins-Legacy-Scenarios-in-Human-Evolution-African-Archaeology

Darwin's Legacy provides a fascinating history of ideas about human evolution, which have been developed and debated since Darwin published The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex in 1871.

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Details Darwins-Dice

For evolutionary biologists, the concept of chance has always played a significant role in the formation of evolutionary theory. As far back as Greek antiquity, chance and "luck" were understood to be key factors in the evolution of the natural world ...

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Details The-Time-at-Darwins-Reef-Poetic-Explorations-in-Anthropology-and-History-Ethnographic-Alternatives-Band-12

The Time at Darwin's Reef is primarily a book of storytelling through mixed genres-verse, prose, and painting. Brady's work is designed to draw out key dimensions of the poetics of anthropology and history embedded in creative writing-in the mix and ...

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Details pg572-b-Darwins-Neighborhood-Home-Bar-Pub-Beer-Neon-Light-Sign-Barlicht-Neonlicht-Lichtwerbung

Mit einem Neonlight verleihen Sie ihrem Ambiente im handumdrehen ein neues Aussehen. Dreidimensionale Abbildung durch perfekten Schliff und Beleuchtung.

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Details p572-b-Darwins-Home-Bar-Beer-Family-Last-Name-Neon-Light-Sign-Barlicht-Neonlicht-Lichtwerbung

Mit einem Neonlight verleihen Sie ihrem Ambiente im handumdrehen ein neues Aussehen. Dreidimensionale Abbildung durch perfekten Schliff und Beleuchtung.

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Details The-Missing-Link-A-Symposium-on-Darwins-Creation-Evolution-Solution

The Missing Link blazes a unique trail through the conundrums and controversies generated by evolutionary theory and religious thought. To date, these debates have centered on the origin of species. This book, however, turns the spotlight on the ...

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Details Darwins-Philosophical-Legacy-The-Good-and-the-Not-So-Good

There is hardly any university, college, or even high school left where they do not teach Darwinism-and rightly so. Yet, most of these places do more preaching than teaching. They teach more than they should, and at the same time, they teach less than ...